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Saturday, 25th February, 2017

Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun Review: A Luxury Hotel in Seoul

  During our last minute, short trip to South Korea this winter we stayed at a hotel worth reviewing in the bustling city of Seoul. For two nights we escaped the chilly -10 tempuratures at…
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Best Luxury Travel Blogs To Read For 20 – 40 Year Olds (2017)

The best luxury travel blogs to read is always a highly debated topic. While there are significantly less luxury travel blogs than there are general travel blogs, there are still quite a lot of them…
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travel bucket list photos of seychelles

Travel Bucket List: Photos of the Seychelles

For those of you who have been reading for a while you would know how obsessed I am with the Maldives. However there’s another place I want to go just as badly, and that place…
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Our Winter Vacation: 3 Trips in 2 Months

  I think it’s been around a month and a half since we last left China to have a wonderful getaway in western Europe. The time has just flown by and I can’t believe it’s already…
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Couples Travel Vlogs #2: Paragliding, Fine Dining & a Q&A

Here are the videos we’ve uploaded most recently, including two videos from Switzerland, where we went paragliding (with Paragliding Interlaken) and had a wonderful fine dining experience in Zurich (with Sorell Hotels R21 Restaurant). The…
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Fine Dining in Zurich: R21 at the Sorell Hotel Zurichberg

If you’re interesting in fine dining in Zurich we can recommend just the place. During our European jaunt we visited beautiful Zurich while staying with Sorell Hotels. While in Zurich we were invited to try out…
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Couple Travel Vlogs #1

As promised in our We’re Travel Vloggers? article earlier in the month here are the latest travel vlogs on our Youtube channel: Lexi & Steve. While this may be the first post in the series, it…
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Best Mid Range Zurich Hotel: Sorell Hotel Seidenhof

Zurich is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it’s also a gorgeous city that is not to be missed while in Switzerland. While in Zurich we stayed at Sorell Hotel…
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How To Visit Dachstein Ice Cave Near Hallstatt

How To Visit The Dachstein Ice Caves & 5 Fingers Lookout Near Hallstatt You’ve probably heard of Hallstatt – the picturesque lakeside village in Austria, but did you know there’s more to do there than skipping…
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Visiting The Salt Mine in Hallstatt, Austria – The Oldest Salt Mine In The World

Visiting The Salt Mine in Hallstatt, Austria – The Oldest Salt Mine In The World:  The Hallstatt Salt Mine’s biggest claim to fame is that it is the oldest Salt Mine in the world, with the…
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