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Best Luxury Travel Blogs To Read For 20 – 40 Year Olds (2017)

January 2, 2017
"best luxury travel blogs for 20 -40 year olds & Millenials"

The best luxury travel blogs to read is always a highly debated topic. While there are significantly less luxury travel blogs than there are general travel blogs, there are still quite a lot of them (in various forms) out there. I specifically wanted to find the best luxury travel blogs that were aimed at the 20 & 30 something market, but also to go beyond the really big names that you find every time on these lists.

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Actually, I found it a little hard to find genuine luxury travel blogs that I can relate to. The thing with luxury travel blogs is that blogs need to be updated often, but most of us don’t have the money to travel in a luxurious way week in, week out.

Hence, my search was filled with either:

  • Travel blogs that catered to the backpacker / mid range market who occasionally posted luxury hotel reviews due to them being given free to the blogger. I want to state that there is nothing wrong with sponsored stays, we do them on The Trouvaille as well. The reason I am not considering these blogs however, is because they mostly post backpacking posts, and it’s not enough to sustain my interest as I only want to read about luxury experiences.
  • Genuine luxury travel blogs, but they’re aimed at/ written by the older crowd. Again, there are many good luxury travel blogs here, but I just can’t always relate to the writer (or multiple writers) as I’m 15 – 30 years younger than them.
  • Really cool luxury blogs, but they don’t solely focus on travel. I can travel in a luxurious way as I save a lot in other areas of my life, hence other luxury topics don’t really interest me.
  • Luxury travel blogs written by luxury brands. I would like to prefer to read the experiences of an actual traveler rather than a company.

Alas I decided to try and make a list of luxury travel blogs to read for 20-30 year old’s following the criteria of:

  1. Majority of the content is based on luxury travel experiences,
  2. The writer being not too far out of their 20’s or 30’s (early forties is okay),
  3. Written by a blogger, not a company,
  4. Updated at least once a fortnight.

Those criteria narrow down the list significantly but I’ll try my best. See my list of the best luxury travel blogs to read for 20 & 30 somethings below.


The Best Luxury Travel Blogs To Read For 20 -40 Year Olds


The Trouvaille

At The Trouvaille we write about luxury travel experiences such as hotels, tours and couples getaways. As a couple we’ve visited about twenty countries including Switzerland, Colombia, Australia and China and have only just begun writing about our travels.

We want to give other twenty and thirty year olds some amazing ideas for their luxury vacations in all corners of the globe. Whether that be staying at a hotel with an amazing view in Switzerland, staying in the hotels of literary herosfinding romance in one of the biggest cities in the world, or seeking fine dining experiences no matter which city you’re in – we aim to cover it. We especially want to seek out the experiences that have great customer service, as I’m sure you can agree that customer service can make or break your experience.

See The Trouvaille’s Website, Youtube and Instagram.



Holy Smithereens

Jean is the writer behind Holy Smithereens, a luxury travel blog which has a wide range of content on all types of luxury experiences. When I first started blogging Holy Smithereens was one of the first luxury travel blogs I came across.  Apart from the great content on her blog, she has a lovely collection of pictures on her Instagram account which you should definitely check out as well.

Follow Holly: Website, YouTube and Instagram.



Hippie In Heels

Rachel’s blog is about glamorous globetrotting – essentially meaning it’s part luxury travel and part girly. She’s lived in India for many years so she has a ton of great content from there both luxury and otherwise. Her blog would be a great read for ladies who prefer the luxury side of travel and want to know how to keep their girl-iness while traveling.

Follow Hippie in Heels: Website, Instagram and Youtube.



World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust is run by fellow Australian Brooke Saward. While her posts are often on the shorter side, I really like looking at her pictures and finding out about all the new luxury hotels she visits around the world. She posts very regularly on her blog and now spends about half the time traveling the world, the other half at home in Tasmania.

She also one of the biggest travel bloggers I know of so you are guaranteed a level of consistency from her in posting.

Follow World of Wanderlust: Website, Instagram, Youtube.



 Once in a Lifetime Journey

I really like Mar’s luxury travel blog as I feel like we share certain desires in a luxury holiday. Luxury travelers are often perceived as being unadventurous, but Mar challenges those assumptions by travelling outside of the regular hot spots. She has travelled to a crazy number of countries through her work and her website is full of great ideas for both classic and unique luxury vacations.

Follow Once In A Lifetime Journey: Website and Instagram.



The Travelista

Walking off the turkey. Hope everyone had an amazing day yesterday ?? #fauxfur

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Jess’s blog The Travelista provides a youthful approach to luxury travel in which she details her travels around the world. Her guides for the places she visits are quite in depth and would be a perfect read for readers in their 20’s and 30’s as they mix luxury while still visiting all the main tourist spots.

Follow The Travelista here: Website, Instagram & Youtube.



Kelly Ella Maz

Kelly’s blog is a luxury travel blog that has a decent amount of hotel reviews, helpful tips and city guides for her readers.

Follow Kelly Ella Maz: Website, Instagram and Youtube.



So that is my list of the best luxury travel blogs to read for 20 & 30 somethings. If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comments, and if they fit the criteria I’ll add them in.


  1. Jessica Gibson

    February 6, 2017 at 6:26 AM Reply

    Thanks so much for adding me to this shortlist! I have added a link to my press section on Love Jess a.k.a The Travelista x

  2. Ashley

    March 23, 2017 at 7:30 AM Reply

    I really enjoyed this post. These are some fantastic sites to check out! I hope in the future Blissy Life joins the team!

  3. Sabrina Chakici

    August 6, 2017 at 8:29 AM Reply

    I love Jess’s Blog so will check out the others now too!

    Thanks for the recommendations! x

  4. Kenny

    October 9, 2017 at 2:21 AM Reply

    A great round-up you’ve posted here. Some familiar blogs and some less familiar to me… but I’m surprised not to see A Luxury Travel Blog in the list – that is usually my ‘go to’ blog for luxury travel.

    1. Lexi

      October 26, 2017 at 3:47 PM Reply

      I think it’s a good blog, but the writer is a little older so I’ve left it out. I choose blogs that I connected with a little better being childless and in my twenties. His blog is great though.

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