"best luxury travel blogs for 20 -40 year olds & Millenials"

Best Luxury Travel Blogs To Read For 20 – 40 Year Olds (2017)

The best luxury travel blogs to read is always a highly debated topic. While there are significantly less luxury travel blogs than there are general travel blogs, there are still quite a lot of them…
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"traveling as a couple beats traveling solo"

9 Reasons Why Traveling As A Couple BEATS Traveling Solo

Dear solo travelers, I get it – you want to tell the world how fabulous it is to have the freedom to travel solo. You want us to know how great it is to do…
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"what is trouvaille", "luxury travel blog", "meaning of trouvaille", "what does trouvaille mean"

What is Trouvaille?

    Trouvaille means “a lucky find” or “something lovely, discovered by chance” in french, and we decided to adopt this name as it not only covers our thoughts on luxury travel, but also on…
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"best beaches in the world", "unique beach holidays". "best beaches", "paradise beach holiday"

Beach Breaks | You’re Doing It Wrong

Why settle for a lackluster beach holiday when there are so many picture perfect bodies of water in the world. While it may be convenient to spend your two weeks vacation at the same close-by…
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Welcome To The Trouvaille

The Trouvaille focuses on scenic luxury travel. I like to explore unique scenic destinations and experiences. If it has a pretty view, chances are you’ll find it on this blog.

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