Welcome Back: The Trouvaille Relaunch

It’s been about seven months since I decided to put this website on hold for numerous reasons. Today, however The Trouvaille is relaunching with a new focus on scenic luxury travel.   Scenic travel is…
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An End, Atleast For Now

Some sad news today.   While we do a https change and content overhaul on our main website, we’ve decided it would be best to put The Trouvaille on pause during this time. Trying to…
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Our 10 Best Travel Vlogs & Videos So Far: 2016 and 2017

We thought we’d share our self-picked best travel vlogs that we recorded in 2016 and early 2017, as we approach the one year mark of being travel vloggers. Travel vlogging has been something we’ve fallen…
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Our Winter Vacation: 3 Trips in 2 Months

  I think it’s been around a month and a half since we last left China to have a wonderful getaway in western Europe. The time has just flown by and I can’t believe it’s already…
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Couples Travel Vlogs #2: Paragliding, Fine Dining & a Q&A

Here are the videos we’ve uploaded most recently, including two videos from Switzerland, where we went paragliding (with Paragliding Interlaken) and had a wonderful fine dining experience in Zurich (with Sorell Hotels R21 Restaurant). The…
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We’re Travel Vloggers?

In March 2016 Steven and I started a Youtube channel to record our lives in China. We had moved to the country late 2015 and although slow to start, we wanted to record our lives here…
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Our Last Big Trip Before Our Wedding

    For the last month we have been busy planning our first international trip since we’ve moved to China. Living in China is great, but when an opportunity for a month long holiday came…
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What is Trouvaille?

    Trouvaille means “a lucky find” or “something lovely, discovered by chance” in french, and we decided to adopt this name as it not only covers our thoughts on luxury travel, but also on…
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Welcome To The Trouvaille

The Trouvaille focuses on scenic luxury travel. I like to explore unique scenic destinations and experiences. If it has a pretty view, chances are you’ll find it on this blog.

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