9 Ways To Switch Off While On Vacation

1. Firstly realize that if you don’t get to fully relax, you wont be as efficient once you get back to work. You need to get away every now and then to keep yourself fresh and…
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How To Save For A Luxury Vacation As A Student

Saving for a luxury vacation as a student is possible if you have the right amount of motivation. While many students opt to take a year off after or prior to university, a year fulled…
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The 7 Prettiest Lakes in Italy

  Finding beauty within Italy isn’t a hard feat to accomplish. The country is full of beautiful people, food, and most of all landscapes. Whether it’s the mountainous regions in the north, or the rich…
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Couples Packing List For 1- 2 Weeks In Australia (East Coast / Summer)

Australia is a large country but if you only have 1 – 2 weeks you’ll need to pick your a region of the country to travel around comfortably. This packing list is for couples visiting…
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