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Fine Dining in Zurich: R21 at the Sorell Hotel Zurichberg

November 22, 2016

If you’re interesting in fine dining in Zurich we can recommend just the place. During our European jaunt we visited beautiful Zurich while staying with Sorell Hotels. While in Zurich we were invited to try out the cuisine at R21 restaurant at the Sorell Hotel Zurichberg.

R21 is a terrace restaurant with an open kitchen and a menu that changes between seasons. It’s main draw, apart from that is the stunning view of Zurich and the lake. If the view is a must I recommend visiting just before it gets dark so you can see as much as possible.



Fine Dining in Zurich, Switzerland

First impressions are high upon entering the restaurant which has a friendly, earthy vibe with lots of windows to look out at the view from. Immediately we’re greeted by the hostess and taken to our seats next to the window.  As it’s off season there are only a few other guests in the restaurant, which made for a nice, peaceful experience.

Initially I had no plans to order a starter but as soon as I saw Steven’s I decided to indulge. Looking back, I wish we had ordered different appetizers and shared each one, but Steven’s looked delicious so we ordered one of the same each, which was a goat’s cheese risotto.

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For my main, I ordered the Meatloaf Zurichberg Style which was made with a creamy cognac sauce, mashed potato and an array of cooked vegetables. Steven ordered the lamb with seasonal vegetables which was styled excellently.


fine dining icecream desert


Much like the starter, I hadn’t actually originally thought of ordering dessert but the options were far too enticing. We ordered two flavors of these icecream creations, mine being the mouthwatering chocolate and berry combination at the center of the above image.

These were both delicious, with the perfect amount of chocolate sauce, sorbet and fresh berries.


We actually ordered the smaller versions of what was available on the menu so of course we were impressed with the size. If you are feeling full by the time you reach desert you could easily order just the one and split it with your partner.


Apart from the food and the view, the reason I really loved this restaurant was due to the high quality of service. Having not eaten in too many fancier restaurants, I was perplexed when the hostess placed my drink at the edge of the table, just out of my reach.

However, I soon found out why. Each time I would so much as subtly glance at the bottle she would appear and pour some more into my glass for me. I thought this was a lovely touch.


Price Range

"fine dining in zurich", "main course switzerland"


Expect prices from CHF100-150+ for a meal for two including drinks, entrees, mains and desserts. If this isn’t in your normal dining budget, I still think it would be a great splurge for an anniversary or birthday experience.


For More Information

Find out more, and see the menu at the R21 page on the Sorell Hotels website.

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