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Our 10 Best Travel Vlogs & Videos So Far: 2016 and 2017

March 7, 2017
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We thought we’d share our self-picked best travel vlogs that we recorded in 2016 and early 2017, as we approach the one year mark of being travel vloggers. Travel vlogging has been something we’ve fallen in love with over the past year and we don’t think we’ll be stopping anytime soon.


We film almost every day of our travels (often we leave the transport days out) and have recorded footage most recently from Europe, Japan, China and South Korea. While we’re a little behind on editing, we’ve uploaded a few travel vlogs in our first year on YouTube.


Here are our best travel vlogs as picked by us – obviously, ;).


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 1. Australian Travel Vloggers

While not a typical vlog, I think this is our best travel video so far. It took me over a week to find and edit all of our footage to make a promo video for our channel, but I’m quite happy with it. What do you think?

While we don’t have footage included from every single country we’ve visited (20-21 countries so far) we were able to include footage from all of our travels in the past two years and some from earlier trips.



2. Seeing Pandas in Chengdu, China

In this video we teamed up with Viator to go on an amazing day trip from Chengdu to visit the nearby mountains and a panda sanctuary. We split the day into two, with this vlog covering our panda trip and the second vlog covering our trip to the mountain. Seeing pandas up close was so amazing and our guide even got us into the volunteering area where we were ridiculously close to them while their habitats were being cleaned although we didn’t film this part.

I think this is one of our best travel vlogs because this is around the time when we started putting more effort into stabilising our videos and experimented with different speeds.



3. Visiting Huanglong National Park in China

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would seriously doubt this place existed in China. When you think of China – well, when I think of China, I think of man made attractions and far too much pollution. However, tucked away 11 hours from Chengdu is this beautiful park called Huanglong. It’s hard to get to, but is mind blowingly beautiful. I’m glad we were able to visit Huanglong and film it.

Even though we were a little grumpy near the end we really enjoyed our trip to Huanglong. I think this is one of our best travel vlogs because it features both a beautiful destination and a little bit more of our personalities.



4. Lauterbrunnen Aka Walking Into A Fairytale

Lauterbrunnen is just like the pictures you see on the internet  – it’s like stepping into a fairytale. We went here on a day trip from Interlaken and fell in love with this charming little village. There are rolling hills, a misty waterfall and some even bigger waterfalls nearby (like Trummelbach). Next time we’re in Switzerland I’d love to go back and try paragliding here.

This has to be one of our best travel vlogs based on scenary alone. We also experimented with tempo quite a bit here.



5. Drone Sunset in Yangzhou

Just in case you don’t know too much about, we live in a “small” town in China called Yangzhou. It’s a couple of hours on the high speed train from Shanghai and 50 minutes from Nanjing. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get cool sunsets in China when the haze isn’t out in force and we took our drone out to capture it one particular evening.


Notice all the communist style buildings. I remember not thinking the town was pretty originally but being in awe of the grouping of buildings. We don’t have anything like that back in Australia. Around the city, and many other Chinese cities, you’ll find groupings of duplicate buildings – from 3 to 20 buildings looking exactly the same in one spot. It doesn’t sound interesting in writing but it is a bit weird to see when you’ve never seen anything like it before. I’d love to do a vlog around our city where we show these duplicate buildings in bigger numbers.

I think this is one of our best travel vlogs as I love how our drone footage came out. It makes me want to take the drone out more.



6. Jiuzhaigou Travel Vlog

Jiuzhaigou (pronounced: joe-jai-go) is commonly visited in the same trip as Huanglong with visitors staying in the Jiuzhai Valley. Jiuzhaigou is the more popular national park in China and it’s blue waters are stunning. This park has quite a lot of lakes, many with different colours but I think the blue lakes were the prettiest.

It would have been amazing to swim here if people were ever allowed to. Although seeing how the Chinese treat their national icons in other area I’m glad they’ve made this park a no swimming zone. I hope this beautiful place is around for many years to come and doesn’t get ruined by the pollution that attacks nearby Chengdu.

This has to be one of our best travel vlogs as I tried to get a different range of shots, plus Jiuzhaigou was just so beautiful.



7. Gorgeous Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz is a short train ride out of Interlaken and an easy day or half day trip. You could probably walk there from Interlaken seeing as the lake borders the town, but it depends how much time you have, and how fit you are. The train drops you off at the village of Brienz and you can wander around the (massive) lake and explore the cute swiss houses.



8. Seeing Snow For The First Time

Did you know Steven actually hadn’t seen snow until we moved to China and experienced his first real winter? I had grown up in New Zealand so I’ve seen snow quite a few times in my childhood.

When winter came around in Yangzhou it had been fifteen years between snows for me so I was pretty excited, as was Steven to finally get to touch the stuff. We headed out to one of the parks and built snowman and I complained (as always) about standing around while Steven took photos – but this time I was doing it IN THE SNOW. The footage isn’t the smoothest but the video is special to us as it was Steven’s first time seeing snow. This is one of my favourite travel vlogs due to that.



9. Feeding Sloths at the Sloth Sanctuary

Our video about visiting the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is, if we are going by view count, our best travel vlog so far. However while I do like it, I wouldn’t consider this my favourite. It’s a short clip of us hanging out with sloths on our VIP ticket which was approximately USD150. You can visit the Sloth Sanctuary for much cheaper but you don’t get to interact with the Sloths afterwards.



10. Australians Try Swiss Food

A little different from our regular vlogs, Steve and I bought a whole bunch of chocolate and other snacks from the local store in Interlaken. This video is our second highest viewed, mostly from the Swiss, and it always makes me hungry looking back at it.

I’m not sure this is our best travel vlog, as technically it’s not a travel vlog, but it seemed to do well.



So that’s our list of our best travel vlogs from 2016 / early 2017. Do you have a YouTube channel? Let us know you favourite vlog from your own channel in the comments and we’ll check it out.

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