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Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017

Photograph of the Week #9 | Luxury Travel Blog

Park Guell is one of the more iconic tourist spots in Spain created by the famous architect Gaudi. The designs are mostly finished however many had construction discontinued after the Park project was deemed a failure.…
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How To See The Great Barrier Reef From Above | Heart Reef and Whitsundays

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the greatest natural attractions in world. The beautiful colours, the abundance of life, and the sheer size of the Great Barrier Reef are all enough to cement this…
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Photograph of the Week #8 | Luxury Travel Blog

There are so many delightful towns in Spain that it would take forever to explore each one. Granada is especially beautiful especially when you have the opportunity to view the city from the outskirts for…
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The Top Beaches In The World

Join us on Youtube and Instagram Knowing the top beaches in the world can help you plan the ultimate beach holiday – because let’s face it, there are a lot of beautiful beaches. Due to this…
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24 hours in brisbane

What To See In Brisbane In 24 Hours

Brisbane is sometimes referred to as a sleepy city compared to Sydney or Melbourne hence most travelers will only allocate a day or two here unless visiting family. For those who have never visited the…
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Our Last Big Trip Before Our Wedding

    For the last month we have been busy planning our first international trip since we’ve moved to China. Living in China is great, but when an opportunity for a month long holiday came…
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How To Save For A Luxury Vacation As A Student

Saving for a luxury vacation as a student is possible if you have the right amount of motivation. While many students opt to take a year off after or prior to university, a year fulled…
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Photograph of the Week #7 | Luxury Travel Blog

I thought we’d do something slightly different for this week’s luxury travel photograph. Considering this blog is all about escapes for couples it seems fitting to add a picture of this romantic hedge cut out.…
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The 7 Prettiest Lakes in Italy

  Finding beauty within Italy isn’t a hard feat to accomplish. The country is full of beautiful people, food, and most of all landscapes. Whether it’s the mountainous regions in the north, or the rich…
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6 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

Each year we pack up our suitcases and leave the drudgery of our everyday lives to escape to sun, sand and bliss. We use our vacation time to relax, to re-energize and to celebrate the…
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