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Saturday, 21st October, 2017


The Trouvaille is a luxury travel blog that focuses on scenic experiences for millenials. We aim to help our readers break away from work and visit scenic destinations in a way that is comfortable, fun and memorable.


If you are interested in working with The Trouvaille please send an email to Lexi at



Advertising + Promotional Opportunities


Sponsored Content 

The Trouvaille accepts sponsored content for promotional purposes and takes pride in all advertorial content published on the website. We are open to hosting sponsored content that will be interesting to our readers and true to our niche.

We’re happy to share past examples on request.

The content must be:

  1. Original Content
  2. Promotional links only (Primary aim is not to pass “link juice but rather to advertise to our audience).
  3. Articles must be between 500- 2000 words and we reserve the right to use pictures of our choosing.
  4. This will attract a fee as it is advertising.
  5. We reserve the right to remove links after a one year term.



Press Trips & Sponsored Experiences

The Trouvaille is open to sponsored stays and press trips. Please enquire at – Lexi is open to (and has participated in the past) to individual hostings and traditional press trips.

You can see an example of past sponsorship here:

We work very hard to provide value to the companies we work with and take our commitments seriously. As you can see by the links above, you can trust that we will follow through on our agreements for posts, videos and social media (happy to show examples of social media coverage we provide on request).

To see what coverage we offer for sponsored stays and visits please request our media kit: lexi [at]


Photography & Video / B Roll Usage


You are able to purchase a wide variety of licenses for your marketing departments if any of our photographs catch your eye. We can also work with you to create new photographs to promote your destination.


A new service that we are offering is drone footage, as well as regular footage for your marketing department.


Please inquire: lexi [at] for our price list and further information.



Audience Statistics

"how to vist the dachstein ice caves near hallstatt", "dachstein ice caves"


The Trouvaille readers aren’t just looking for an average holiday, they’re seeking to explore the world in a comfortable, yet enchanting way.

In hotels they are looking for impressive customer service and comfort.

In vacation destinations, they’re looking for beautiful surroundings or once in a lifetime experiences.


Please find our social media and demographics below.


Main demographic: USA at 60% of readers, rest are a mix of Australian, New Zealanders, Canadians, Germans and the United Kingdom.

Demographics: 60% female, mostly millennial readers.

Social media followers: 33,000

Notable extras: 600,000+ person reach via group boards on Pinterest


If you are interested in working with The Trouvaille please send your proposal to lexi [at]



Interviews & Speaking Opportunities


If you would like to interview Lexi, invite her to speak at a conference, work with The Trouvaille or feature a photograph on your website we’d love to here from you! Please send us an email to lexi [at]

Welcome To The Trouvaille

The Trouvaille focuses on scenic luxury travel. I like to explore unique scenic destinations and experiences. If it has a pretty view, chances are you’ll find it on this blog.

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